Tragically Hip – Long Time Running

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me after my last/first post for “Angie Up In a Smoke.”

The decision to come out publicly about my struggle with Addiction was made a long time ago. Executing this with complete transparency is what I hope to achieve so I can bring light to Recovery alternatives.

As I mentioned before; I had reached a phase in my recovery, after a long postpartum abstinence – where I began smoking Cannabis again.

I do so in the company of others because that’s what I have always preferred. I have severe anxiety which revolves around the trauma of losing a parent. Now it also revolves around the normal stresses of raising three kids and separation.

I found a large Community of Women who embraced me in Hamilton. The world of Plant-Based medicine has given me such courage to speak out.

The love and support I received changed my life, making me feel whole for the very first time. I have found my place in the world; which is helping Women during the epidemic of Addiction to Opiates.

Around March; I created an Alter-Ego Instagram account. By doing so; I wanted to research how positively/negatively correlated Addiction, Women and Cannabis are related.

From my research; I can tell you it was negatively correlated on Instagram. This meaning Women did not become Addicts because they consume Cannabis.

We have been taught that substances cause Addiction however; this has been disproven.

Addiction is a symptom of a bigger Mental Health Crisis. It is the poor state of the Human Condition in which we repeat behaviours over and over to numb our pain. People do this by shopping, eating, drinking, exercising, working, etc.

Dr. Gabor Mate; one of the most distinguished Doctors in Vancouver explains:

“I think normalcy is a myth. The idea that some people have pathology and the rest of us are normal is crude.

There’s nothing about any mentally ill person—and it doesn’t matter what their diagnosis is—that I couldn’t recognize in myself. The reality is that, in every case, mental illness is an outcome of traumatic events.

And by trauma I don’t mean dramatic Events. There’s a difference.”

Dr.Gabor Mate

Trauma-causing Events in Your Life:

  1. Death of a loved one; specifically a parent, child, etc.
  2. Divorce/Separation
  3. Addiction/Co-Dependancy
  4. Emotional and Verbally abusive relationships Caregiver
  5. Injury, illness
Without proper treatment, traumatized children may grow into traumatized Adults.

As we grow, we experiment with substances at will however, we usually do this with friends. No one sets out to become an Addict.

We often recall these experiences as being enjoyable. When the substance use becomes repeated because it does feel good, the body builds a tolerance.

Substances such as Opiates and Alcohol cause a dramatic withdrawal effect on the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being and fitness.

Over time, it becomes harder and harder to break the cycle. We medicate the guilt and shame but our bodies reject detox. It is painful and emotionally taxing.

Introduce Motherhood, Careers, more trauma from shame and guilt – you have a toxic cocktail.

My ask is that we accept harm reduction – not perfection.
We accept plant-based medicinal alternatives for those who ask for it.
We stop shaming those for their mental illnesses, addiction issues and lapses.

The Costa Rican News

This weekend I will be attending my 6th Ceremony. I’ll write about my experience over the weekend.

Shamanic Medicine and healing has played a significant role in my Recovery and I highly recommend everyone do their own research.

I recommend googling Dr. Gabor Mate for sure.

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