It’s not a secret I consume Cannabis on a regular basis to alleviate various mental health conditions. For 20 years, I have smoked Cannabis aside while being pregnant.

What is interesting about that fact?

I could quit Cannabis while pregnant but I could not stop taking Opiates. Every day for 4.5 months while pregnant, I either sought, used or craved Opiates. Whereas – the minute I found out I was pregnant; I put the Weed away.

There is something to be said about this and I am the one to say it: There is an Epidemic of Addiction and Pharmaceutical drugs cause harm. Cannabis is a useful exit-drug and plant-based medicinal alternative for many conditions and ailments.

I have always been Entrepreneurial. It began at a young age but the earliest memory was age 11 when I made my brothers pick wild daffodils that grew on our 1 acre property to sell for a Mother’s Day gift.

We trekked a huge bucket of them up our ginormous driveway and sold them over a weekend. We made $50 which was actually impressive for a kid-run enterprise.

Later on in my teens; I would host Keg Parties where I would buy 6 kegs for my birthday or something and charge $20 a head so I could buy stuff (weed) and have fun.

Then of course there was the two-years my ex-boyfriend, my brother and I actually grew our own outdoor supply on my Mother’s property. She loves to Garden and this quickly became a Family activity. We used this to buy better stuff which we mostly consumed.

To top it all off; my former Wedding Anniversary is on 4/20. That wasn’t a mistake. It was literally the last day left in the year available and I had to have it. Obviously it was a Cannabis-friendly Wedding later on in the evening.

My history with Weed goes long and far but it is my connection with the people who I’ve smoked with that defines my passion for it.

My company; Original Product Cannabis + Concentrates Inc. came to be after my dog died and I experienced my first Spiritual Awakening in 11 years. It was inspired by the Women I met while in treatment.

As I’ve mentioned before; 9 women (including myself) all attend programs together and we begin to open up, communicate and get better. We graduate and go home but we all go back to the “People, Places and Things” that triggered us to use.

Unfortunately I mourn the loss of those Women whose friendships I valued so much. I genuinely felt a love for each of them and felt compassionately sorry when I lost them back to Addiction.

Last Summer, two friends of mine passed away from overdosing on prescription medication. They were both 33 years old.

Today I am excited to share my first Podcast Interview which talks about how my business started and how it operates in the Canadian Cannabis industry.

LISTEN NOW: Opening Pandora’s Box: Episode 5

I met Matt and Al a few months back when we did our first session at Abi Roach’s Hotbox Potio in Toronto, Ontario. They have been amazing to work with and share my story; little by little.

Jason, Al and Matt run Jam Productions which produces Cannabis-related Podcasts in Southern Ontario. It’s been a new experience learning how Podcasts are created; one I enjoy for sure.

The products I mentioned in my Podcast are all amazing companies who have dedicated themselves to our cause. If you could only understand each person and their passion; you would understand how powerful this movement is.

We need to start accepting Cannabis as a plant-based medicine that should be affordable, safe and of the highest quality.

The Black Market is a beast and it won’t be tamed any time soon.

People like myself are taking a harm reduction approach by promoting the best Brands. They comply with adequate labeling, packaging and ingredients. Their goal is to produce a top-quality product that’s been lab tested.

If we don’t implement a strategy; the black market will continue to run freely and lucratively.

The current Legal Market should adopt some of the Silver/Legacy Market’s best practice and principles when it comes to business. We are seeing over-inflated Stock valuations, pump-and-dump’s and sell-offs after one bad announcement after another.

READ: The Growth Op: Living legacy: Is it time to get with it and get rid of the term “black market”?

Churning is something of a concern when we place a Black Market product into a Legal space. People get overly excited and it can have drastic consequence. The 2008-2009 Credit Crisis taught me this when Real Estate became a cash-cow but came crashing down.

Nothing, not even a Commodity like Cannabis, is a sure bet and everyone has to educate themselves. Large monopolies exist on the actual product itself which compromises quality and medicinal content.

StayLiftedd Craft Cannabis IG: @stayliftedd1.0

Example: Right now it is $50 for a half-quarter of the best Indica Kush (Pink Kush) while you can buy a Craft Cannabis product in the Legacy Market for $35; same strain, similar name, etc.

This creates a big price differential as your quantities move up, increasing your savings.

My main goal is to educate the public about Mental Health and the Cycle Of Addiction, Recovery while promoting Cannabis as a potential medicinal alternative for treatment.

It can be used for someone struggling with Addiction and a harm reduction measure for anyone who wants to stop using but cannot.

Cannabis is a first-line treatment choice for many who suffer from Cancer, Chronic Pain and Conditions like Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, Depression and Anxiety. Most of these sufferers would have to rely on a steady supply of intoxicating Opiates, Benzodiazepines and SSRI’s to help them.

Cannabis allows them to live an active, normal life without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and the potential physical & psychological withdrawal effects afterwards.

IG/Facebook/ @originalproductcc

My business revolves around preventing harm to the Public; who will consume illegal products anyway but now have a channel to buy safely from. We need to build secondary market channels to accommodate the intensity of how many products exist.

Without any action; the market will continue producing and distributing illegally.

I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me in the last 6 months. You know who you are and I wouldn’t be here today without your love, compassion, forgiveness and humility.

The passion I have in my beliefs have contributed to a complete breakdown in my marriage and that extended family but I cannot stop doing what I’m doing. All of it provides way too much by way of self-trust and healing; it is my Recovery Project. My 3 beautiful daughters who need to grow up with a happy, healthy Mother.

The “Canna-Parents” I’ve encountered share the sentiment that we should educate our children about Cannabis rather than demonizing it like the Generations before.

Our children also deserve to live in a world where plant-based medicine is accepted; especially when we consider the devastating impact of pharmaceutical alternatives.

The Epidemic of Addiction is a larger problem than anyone could ever realize; especially if you haven’t lived through one but if anyone can help solve it; it is the Community I’ve met through Cannabis. The empathy, acceptance and insight has been overwhelmingly positive and well-received.

I encourage everyone to educate themselves thoroughly before consuming Cannabis.

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