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Love Can Be Cruel

Sometimes it can take awhile before we realize how much of ourselves we have given to our partners. If we factor in how involved they are with their Family Hive; it can become overwhelming. It seems over time, we fall into these traps or hives; where we lose our identities as we immerse ourselves into a certain role. How does that happen? We simply … Read More Love Can Be Cruel


Sobriety vs. Recovery

What’s the difference between Sobriety and Recovery? It depends on who you ask: Traditional programs such as Narcotics & Alcoholics Anonymous promote an abstinence-based, Spiritually-focused approach. In this world, relapse is a part of Recovery but you must keep coming back. The general idea is that over time as you abstain, you will continue to attend meetings. This builds up your self-esteem, relationships and … Read More Sobriety vs. Recovery


Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias: When we seek out to prove something we already believe to be true. Deep down inside I always knew the truth. I knew there would come a time I would have to face my past and deal with the bullshit. The only way I imagined doing so was by utilizing my 3 greatest personal strengths: Writing, Reading and Talking. I began reading … Read More Confirmation Bias


Trauma and Triggers

My life has been filled with unresolved traumas up until I began my Recovery from Opiate Addiction last year. I won’t go into too much detail about each event but it really began in 1991 at the age of 7. My Dad drove his Work Truck into a Concrete Guardrail on a Monday morning, 8 am – August 26. My sense of awareness around … Read More Trauma and Triggers


Long Time Running

Tragically Hip – Long Time Running Thank you to everyone who reached out to me after my last/first post for “Angie Up In a Smoke.” The decision to come out publicly about my struggle with Addiction was made a long time ago. Executing this with complete transparency is what I hope to achieve so I can bring light to Recovery alternatives. As I mentioned … Read More Long Time Running