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Tall Grass Market

Pictures from Saturday, January 11th at the Tall Grass Market in Lincoln, Ontario:


Recovery Project, Part 2: #420AM

Mental Health & Addiction Awareness & Activism are essential Values to Original Product Cannabis + Concentrates Inc. As so many of the people involved with the Company have experienced their own version or know someone close to them suffering, either way, the epidemic of Addiction and a Mental Health afflictions can decimate the Patrimony of any Family. Naloxone Kits and Maintenance Assisted Therapy are … Read More Recovery Project, Part 2: #420AM


Recovery Project – Part One: #CannaGirls

It’s been my experience in life with a lot of Women; there are some who love me and some who don’t. I have had the same friends in my life for 30-20 years. No matter what happens or how much time passes in between, they have always been there for me. There is a common stereotype that Woman can’t always get along and often … Read More Recovery Project – Part One: #CannaGirls

Original Product

It’s not a secret I consume Cannabis on a regular basis to alleviate various mental health conditions. For 20 years, I have smoked Cannabis aside while being pregnant. What is interesting about that fact? I could quit Cannabis while pregnant but I could not stop taking Opiates. Every day for 4.5 months while pregnant, I either sought, used or craved Opiates. Whereas – the … Read More Original Product