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500 Days

Two days ago, it was our youngest daughters 1st birthday. She is a blessing in so many ways and everyone loves her so much especially her sisters. This Baby has been the easiest by far, as a great sleeper with a calm disposition and easy-going nature. I am blessed, grateful and thankful for all of my babies. It’s because of their presence and unconditional … Read More 500 Days

Settle Down

I must say Divorce; especially a drawn-out, Acrimonious one – sucks. I had to take a break from Blogging for a few weeks. I had a lot of real life stuff to deal with this month but, I’ve never been so focused, so energized as I have these last few weeks. This phase of Separation and Year 2 of Recovery; has been the ultimate … Read More Settle Down


2 Days Notice

15 days ago, I realized if I didn’t change my situation drastically and leave the Matrimonial Home – I’d probably end up losing it all. The amount of Stress from the situation I’m in wasn’t going to get better. I didn’t Relapse, I didn’t do anything atypical of a stereotypical “Recovering Addict” – I didn’t run away. Yesterday, my 3 kids and I moved … Read More 2 Days Notice


Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

It was a year ago – September 14th, 2018, that I came home to rejoin my Family after spending 11 Weeks away at In-Patient Treatment for an Addiction to Prescription Opiates. I could have lost everything; my life, my children and my freedom. I was running at such a dangerous pace as a User in Active Addiction that it was going to catch up … Read More Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

Let Her Go

If someone or something had told me 442 days ago I’d be in this place versus the Hell I was living through – I would have probably just taken another Pill. I would not have believed it and would have instead tried to convince you that these Pills helped me. That they made me “Better” and that I could function on just as high … Read More Let Her Go


Divide and Conquer

Thank you to everyone for the encouraging feedback and support. I truly am writing about my experiences and sharing my knowledge for everyone’s benefit. It’s been 3 months since I began Blogging again and I love it. I’ve already had a couple Women (and a few Men!) reach out to me about their own stories about their Family Dynamics, Mental Health, Addiction, Trauma and … Read More Divide and Conquer

29 Years

Today I am releasing 29 years of pain. For the first time in 29 years, I didn’t weep at his grave like a baby or fall to my knees in despair. When I was a child, my mother would constantly tell us that she didn’t believe my Dad was there so she didn’t like going to the Grave. We never took care of it … Read More 29 Years


Sobriety vs. Recovery

What’s the difference between Sobriety and Recovery? It depends on who you ask: Traditional programs such as Narcotics & Alcoholics Anonymous promote an abstinence-based, Spiritually-focused approach. In this world, relapse is a part of Recovery but you must keep coming back. The general idea is that over time as you abstain, you will continue to attend meetings. This builds up your self-esteem, relationships and … Read More Sobriety vs. Recovery


Long Time Running

Tragically Hip – Long Time Running Thank you to everyone who reached out to me after my last/first post for “Angie Up In a Smoke.” The decision to come out publicly about my struggle with Addiction was made a long time ago. Executing this with complete transparency is what I hope to achieve so I can bring light to Recovery alternatives. As I mentioned … Read More Long Time Running